Pastoral Candidate Profile

Christ Family Worship Assembly, Inc. (CFWA), of West Palm Beach, Florida, is seeking a full-time spirit-filled Pastor.  Primary responsibilities will include, but are not limited to: preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, conducting and/or presiding over weekly Bible Study; Spiritual Advisor to all church Ministries, Boards, and Committees; conducting meetings; day to day leadership in the operation of the church; Baptisms; Weddings; Funerals; and other such duties and responsibilities as outlined, requested, and agreed upon by the Church.

Church Background

CFWA is a young African-American, non-denominational church that was established December 2015. Its origin is Church of Christ founded out the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement. However, our beliefs and practices are not limited by the traditional, doctrinal paradigms of the Church of Christ.


·         Education – Minimum, Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited College/University

·         Pastoral/Preaching Experience – Five (5) or more years preaching and/or Pastoring preferred                                                                                                 

·         Ordination – Ordained by a licensed Pastor


·         Integrity – Good character, including honesty and conviction is a must.  There must be confident knowledge of a call from God to preach and pastor as well as discerning God’s will and doing it. Must lead by example.

·         Communication – Must have the ability to know and understand people and a willingness to listen.  Must understand the importance of clear, concise communication with all.

·         Approachability – Must be comfortable with speaking with any/all members and encouraging members.


  • Salary – $30,000 - $40,000 (Including Benefits)
  • Contract – 12 Months

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