Ministry Profile Team Player: This person needs to work well with the senior pastor and other FBCO staff. There is a weekly staff meeting that will need to be attended, and the Worship Director will need to be willing to work within the vision and direction of the church. The Worship Director will also need to be able to build and lead healthy teams of volunteers. Spiritual Maturity: This needs to be a person that invests time in their own spiritual growth through Bible study, prayer, giving, sharing their faith, serving others, and fellowship. This person should also have strong interpersonal relationship skills. They should not be prone to arguments, disputes, divisions, and anger. They should excel at reconciliation, patience, and peace making. Discipleship: This person should be someone that prays, studies their Bible regularly, gives, serves others, and attempts to win the lost to Christ. In doing so, they should be helping others grow in their walk and live faithfully for our Lord. Family Person: The ministry can be very demanding, and if we are not careful, we can lose our family while trying to build a successful ministry. The Worship Director needs to be a person who promotes family time and making their family their first ministry.



1.  Must be a passionate soul winner.

2.  Passionate about the vision and values of FBC Oxford and in alignment with our statement of faith (as outlined in the Baptist Faith and Message).

3.  Willingness to partner with the senior pastor in prayer, vision, and shepherding oversight.

4.  A positive team player, not just in worship ministry, but as a part of the larger staff and leadership team.

5.  Willingness to assist in additional areas not mentioned below, as needed by the senior pastor and church body.

6.  Musically proficient (understands music and has the ability to lead in singing or by playing an instrument).

    Job Description

1. Select music for services and organize the church service flow.

2. Lead all worship services (Sunday mornings and evenings).

3. Introduce new songs and transition FBCO from traditional worship into a blended/contemporary style of worship services.

4. Run weekly worship rehearsals.

5. Work with and develop those in the church that can play musical instruments or sing, so we can transition our worship style of live music, praise team, choir, blended hymns, and spiritual songs.

6. Direct 1-2 cantatas/musicals each year (Easter and Christmas).  7. Perform special music as appropriate for the service theme.

8. Oversee the sound booth, including power point and other audio/video use, and oversee the recruitment and equipping/training of those involved in serving in this area. 9. Prepare an annual budget for needs of music ministry.



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