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POSITION TITLE: Minister of Worship
PREFERRED MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree in music; seminary degree or
formal theological training; experience in a local church setting leading worship/music.
PRINCIPAL FUNCTION: Lead continuous development and the consistent promotion of all
aspects of the worship ministries of UBC. Create and foster an atmosphere and opportunities for
the congregation to experience authentic worship and glorify the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
RESPONSIBILITIES: Work closely with the Pastor, supervise the Director of Worship & Events,
lead appropriate committees, church staff and laypersons in the following areas:
1. Core Values, Mission, Strategy and Vision: Provide leadership for ensuring the church’s
worship and music activities and programs are aligned with our core values, mission,
strategy and vision.
2. Culture: Create a positive and gospel-centered culture in the worship ministry.
Consistently communicate and gather input from ministry area leaders. Develop positive
and supportive relationships with participants engaged in worship ministries.
3. Discipleship: Commit to making disciples in your personal life. This includes outreach and
evangelism into the local community as well as investing in those within the worship
ministry. Encourage and promote attendance and participation in other discipleship
opportunities within our church.
4. Prayer: Model and emphasize devotion to prayer. Commit to praying personally and
corporately. Provide prayer opportunities at each rehearsal within the worship ministry
and regularly for the larger church family.
5. Worship: Lead and cultivate an atmosphere of worship as referenced in Romans 12:1.
Ensure this culture is Biblically guided and theologically sound. Meet regularly with the
Pastor to explore practical ways to incorporate worship into every ministry of the church.
Model a lifestyle of worship in everyday life.
6. Music: Provide direct leadership and oversight to the music ministry of the church. Meet
regularly with the Pastor to plan all regular and special worship services. Create a musical
environment that strives for authenticity, creativity and excellence. Have an appreciation

for all musical genres. Understand the necessity of being cross-generational and multi-
ethnic. Lead in accordance with personal strengths and equip others to complement

those strengths. See music as an essential tool to teaching sound theology and conveying
the Gospel.

7. Leadership: Supervise and manage the worship staff to create opportunities for authentic
worship. Serve as first-level supervisor to all staff within the worship ministry, including
the Director of Worship & Events, as well as the volunteers and musicians involved in the
worship ministry. Serve as ministry staff liaison with specific committees/ministry teams.
Examples of expectations in this area include:
• Implement strategies, programs or events that promote a healthy atmosphere of
• Plan and lead weekly and special emphasis worship services.
• Ensure all worship and music is theologically sound.
• Arrange music and transitions.
• Give direction and oversight to all elements of worship that may include music
that is band-led, congregational, choral, ensembles and instrumental.
• Coordinate logistics for weekly and special emphasis worship services.
Communicate with Media Team, individual worship participants, accompanists.
• Demonstrate an understanding of Microsoft Suite, ProPresenter, Planning
Center (or similar applications), and audio/visual technology.
• Lead Media Team in planning, purchasing and operating audio-visual
technology to support corporate worship, both in-person and virtual.
• Recruit, interview/audition and onboard volunteers and musicians.
• Provide constructive feedback to paid staff and volunteer participants and
• Develop and administer the worship ministry budget.

8. Other: Accept other responsibilities as assigned. Keep up to date on developments and
trends in worship ministries.

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