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Posted in on July 13, 2017

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Description :

Director of Music and Worship Arts

The Purpose of a Director of Music and Worship Arts is to equip and oversee our musicians and worship leaders, and with the pastors, to guide and support the worship planning process. The ultimate goal is to support the mission of our church through the worship experience at each individual service and to create a worship experience that connects with people who are unchurched and churched.

Position Responsibilities

The general responsibilities of the Director of Music and Worship Arts are to oversee the incorporation of music and visual arts in corporate worship of this church. Music is elevated in the position title because of its naturally broader role and higher profile in our typical worship settings. As growing elements of worship, the various other art forms are to be drawn into worship in a complementary and edifying manner in order to offer a fuller experience of worshiping the Lord. The position reports to the Lead Pastor.

The specific responsibilities may be divided into four major areas as follows:


1.   Leadership

·      In consultation with the pastors, capture a vision and philosophy of utilizing music and arts in worship.

·      Articulate and implement that vision and philosophy of worship with and through other staff and volunteers who participate in implementing worship services for the church.

·      Develop a long-range worship plan in collaboration with the Lead Pastor.

·      Establish standards for worship activities.

2.   Oversight

·      Guide and oversee, with the pastors, the worship planning process.

·      Oversee musicians and production department.

·      Work with Youth Director and Children’s Director to create a worship culture and worship leader opportunities in which children may participate.

·      Oversee copyright compliance by church administrative personnel.

·      Oversee music resource maintenance by various music and administrative personnel.

3.   Development

·      Incorporate the arts into our worship services where appropriate, by stimulating and encouraging drama and visual arts personnel.

·      Maintain accountability for the worship philosophy and vision of each service by providing prayer support, credible feedback and mentoring, where needed, to worship/music planners.

·      Assist in identifying people and other resources for worship arts.

·      Identify and attend with others, as appropriate, seminars and conferences on worship leadership.

·      Establish standards for worship activities and oversee evaluation against those standards to identify progress in achieving the vision.

·      Identify, encourage and integrate worshipers’ musical gifts into worship and special event services.

·      Maintain a ministry of encouragement to all who offer themselves in the various forms of art or in support of our worship services.

·      Develop at least 3 new worship leaders per year.

4.   Direct Involvement

·      Assume normal worship planning responsibility each week.

·      Develop and plan major events and worship experiences that include music, worship and arts.

·      Assist in planning, as desired, various worship arts events or special services that may fulfill our vision.

·      Attend staff meetings (weekly), service planning meetings (weekly), and band practice (weekly)



1.    Sunday Responsibilities

     Lead weekly worship services

     Lead worship rehearsal and sound check

     Lead Service run-thru

2.    Weekly Responsibilities

     Schedule team at least one month out, confirm 2 weeks out

     Plan out worship sets 4 weeks out

     Complete Sunday Planning Center by Noon on Wed.

     Chart music for upcoming weeks

     Plan out staging, videos and all creative elements

     Growing and building the worship team

     Connecting with team members via email, phone and/or meetings

3.    Emails

·  Send out weekly PCO email by Friday

·  Responsible for sending out other emails as they come up

4.    Volunteer Recruitment

·  Check CCB for possible volunteer sign ups

·  Conduct an annual recruitment strategy and campaign for recruiting new volunteers for Worship Arts

5.    Weekly Meetings

·  Sunday Debrief (Wednesday @ 1:00pm)

·  Worship Planning (Wednesday @ 1:30pm)

·  Production Planning (Wednesday @ 4pm)

·  Monthly Creative Meetings (once a month)

·  Weekly One on one meeting with Pastor Joe to discuss the upcoming week’s projects, deadlines and goals (Monday’s @ 9am)’

·  Weekly meeting with Worship Arts Director


·      Have a passion for worship and a vibrant prayer life.

·      Must be a musician.

·      Be familiar with up and coming music.

·      Possess a vision for worship and the ability to express that vision.

·      Have pastoral sense for mentoring and developing worship leadership and gifts in others.

·      Demonstrate leadership and proficiency in the music ministry.

·      Be knowledgeable in the use of worship arts and how they may be applied to our mission.

·      Must be able to lead with click tracks.

·      Bible School Training not necessary but a plus.

·      Musical training a must.

·      Knowledge of Planning Center.

·      At least 3 years’ experience leading worship

Salary (Commensurate with Experience)

·      $45,000-$55,000 per year

·      Health Benefits

·      70% Cell Phone Reimbursement

·      1 Travel Conference per year

·      1 Seminar per year

·      Book & Music Allowance


·      Macbook or iMac

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