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Posted in on August 5, 2019

City Life Church

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Part Time


Sacramento, CA


2574 21th Street, Sacramento, CA 95818

Description :

Join our exciting team of Sacramento urbanites as we continue to follow God in mission. Our church’s mission focuses on inviting new friends, a key to our DNA going back to our launch in 2007. We’re a church that keeps remembering “what it’s like not to believe.” Other than at leadership team meetings, we assume our non-Christian neighbors are in the room at all times, which then means they regularly show up.

We are historically reformed (CRC), yet culturally-engaged and pastorally sensitive to the deeper realities of receiving the powerful message of the gospel in the underlying areas of our hearts. Our relaxed but liturgical worship service centers around the word and sacraments, with warm but richly meaningful songs from an increasing variety of cultural styles and traditions (and a growing group of musician/vocal volunteers/liturgists). We are also growing in our meaningful engagement of children and youth in our worship service.

Opening: The part-time worship coordinator plans liturgies and song choices, rehearses & leads worship music each Sunday for our 1 service and nurtures relationships with volunteers and other staff.

Position start: ASAP. Starting July or earlier would allow for some shadowing with the current coordinator Jake Langstaff.

General Duties

  • Lead the Music Ministry through Sunday worship every week (goal: one Sunday off leading role per 8 weeks). Assemble liturgies related to lectionary or current sermon series, select songs, prepare and practice for rehearsal, run Sunday rehearsal at 8:15-9:30 am, and lead the songs with the help of the ensemble. Communicate in a timely way to all parties connected to this process. Goal is to have services & songs planned 2+ weeks in advance. Liturgy elements 4+ weeks in advance.
  • Oversee organization (digital and paper) of all song & worship related files. This includes songs, liturgy documents, song sheets, audio clips. Keep everything organized and easily accessible for all relevant parties.
  • Eventually: build working knowledge and competence of all aspects of the worship service (sermon & sacraments less directly), including liturgist-run sections, and scripture reading. Grow into the role of supporting and even shepherding participation in this ministry.
  • Scheduling: manage schedule for all musicians, technicians and vocalists, including hired musicians. Keep Marc and Stephanie in the loop.
  • Engage with seasonal vision directives coming from Leadership Team. For example, in 2019 we are working towards Sabbath emphasis, diversity, and stronger interpersonal relationships.
  • Ordinarily meet with Marc weekly. Either as a staff meeting or separately. Pay attention to concerns & feedback people have about worship, & look for pastoral opportunities within those conversations.
  • Time given to developing relationships with volunteers and hired musicians/technicians. Engage pastorally where appropriate throughout the week and on Sundays. Music jam nights, potlucks, 1-on-1 coffees and other ideas have worked well.
  • Possess a working knowledge of the Philosophy of Ministry and Worship Philosophy.
  • Re-assessment of role. Brief check-in every 6 months for objectives (with Marc), and yearly job review (Marc plus LT representation).

Facility & “Stuff”

  • Overseeing supply & furniture storage (& maintenance) at location or elsewhere.
  • Understand the Sol Collective facility check-out list. Communicate anything that seems important to Marc, since our relationship with facilities is important to our overall ministry thriving.
  • Be familiar with current equipment for worship ministry. Propose and carry out needed upgrades.
  • Participating in future facility moves—overseeing the movement of any worship “stuff” as well as examining potential spaces for their relative value for worship ministry.
  • Possible: seek out relationship with Sol Collective music arts: open mic nights on Sundays, and possibly other nights.


  • Teachable, skilled at song leadership from a variety of styles & cultural traditions, great at integrating and mentoring volunteers and hired musicians, and must find affinity with City Life’s worship philosophy.
  • A Christian committed to on-going discipleship, experienced leading congregational worship with voice and instrument (keyboard, piano or guitar).
  • Must be comfortable with the challenge of working in settings where it is always assumed non-Christians are present, including some of the hired musicians.
  • Punctual and organized.
  • Gracious & flexible in dealing with volunteers and staff — when they’re not punctual and organized

Accountability & Relationships

  • The Worship Arts Director is supervised by and accountable to the lead pastor, Marc Holland, for all work.
  • The position will include a 90-day probationary period, within which the Coordinator will undergo a 30-day and 60-day review with recommendations for improvement, and a 90-day review. Beyond the first 90 days, reviews will occur every 6 months to determine the degree to which the objectives of the position are being met.

Hours & Compensation

  • The total weekly time should average between 15-20 hours. Sunday time in ministry is counted towards this. Required hours will vary seasonally. Extra time required During Advent, Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week and Easter.
  • Travel is compensated at the going rate. Responsible for keeping records of mileage.
  • The exact pay will be determined according to experience and background.
  • The scale of pay begins at $17/hour, and goes up according to the level of qualification of the applicant.
  • Upon a positive 90-day evaluation, raise may be given. Yearly pay increases will be considered, as a way of encouraging pursuit of meeting all the objectives of this position with high levels of excellence.

How to apply :

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