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Posted in on February 6, 2020

Salem United Brethren Church

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Chambersburg, PA


4349 Letterkenny Rd., Chambersburg, PA 17201

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Role Description

The Director of Worship is to work closely with the pastor to lead the church on a journey whereby over time its members become more able to experience the presence of God during times of communal worship.  This involves planning weekly traditional and contemporary worship services that allow those present to draw close to the Lord, be touched by His Spirit and hear from His Word.  During the contemporary worship service, the Director of Worship is to be a lead worshiper who is both experiencing the presence of the Lord and aware of the congregation so he or she can act as a conduit through which people are able to experience God’s presence and draw closer to Him.  He or she is also to direct a team of musicians who lead worship at Salem’s contemporary service and to oversee the worship ministry at Salem as a whole. Since Salem will be making improvements to its worship center in the near future, the director of worship is asked to be an advisor to the committee planning those changes.  Salem’s director of worship should consider how worship ministry can be a means of community engagement as well.

This is a part-time position with no benefits. Number of hours is flexible, ranging from 15 to 25 per week depending on the employee’s desire and availability. Much work can be completed offsite. However, hours are to include regularly scheduled every-other-week meetings with the pastor, worship team rehearsals, and being the lead worshipper during the contemporary (11am) worship service on most Sundays.  Compensation is negotiable.

The employee may take up to four Sundays each year away from worship-leading responsibilities, though preparation work may still be required in advance of those Sundays.

Required Tasks

This is a comprehensive listing of what the Director of Worship is responsible for.  However, not all need to be completed by the Director of Worship but can be delegated to others, including Salem’s office administrator.

  • Single-handedly lead contemporary worship on lead instrument and with vocals when other musicians are not available
  • Work closely with the pastor to develop the vision of Salem’s worship ministry
  • With pastoral collaboration, plan weekly traditional and contemporary worship experiences using creative elements and spoken bridges to draw congregational worship into a time of purposeful attention toward God
  • Work with Salem’s musicians where they are at and coach them both in skill improvement and the ability to worship God while singing or playing their instrument
  • Recruit musicians for worship team from within the church and, if necessary, work with worship directors from area churches to identify under-utilized talent and use them at Salem to supplement the team of Salem’s musicians
  • Develop worship team musicians into competent worship leaders (when possible) through skill coaching and personal example
  • Select worship songs for the weekly contemporary service and provide the music to worship team musicians
  • Conduct worship team rehearsals on weeks in which the team will be utilized
  • Create slides of song lyrics for both worship services each week (or have office administrator do this)
  • Collaborate with the pastor to plan special worship services for holidays
  • Evaluate musicians and select appropriate ones to provide special music pieces for use in worship
  • Work with the director of Salem’s Audio/Visual ministry to provide appropriate audio-visual support for worship services
  • Seek opportunities to use Salem’s worship ministry to advance its priority of increased community engagement
  • Advise Salem’s committee that is be working on facility improvements, especially as they concern the worship center
  • Pursue opportunities for personal and professional growth via training workshops, seminars, etc. Costs will be covered by the church upon prior approval of the event or program
  • Work with Salem’s finance director to set and stay within the yearly worship ministry budget
  • If it works for the Director of Worship’s schedule, there may potentially be an opportunity for him or her to lead a brief time of worship during Salem’s 6thto 12thgrade youth group’s weekly gatherings on Wednesday evenings.

Required Qualifications

  • A personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ
  • Agreement with and commitment to live according to the Discipline of the Church of the United Brethren in Christ, U.S.A., specifically Parts I, II & VIII.  See
  • Pass mandatory background checks required by the state of Pennsylvania for those who work with minors on a consistent basis
  • A passion for connecting oneself and others with God through worship
  • Proven ability to bring a congregation into the presence of the Lord through music, spoken bridges between songs, prayer & scripture
  • Strong personal musicality both on a lead instrument and vocally
  • Proven ability to direct a group of musicians to provide music for worship experiences
  • Good interpersonal communication skills
  • Spiritually mature and continuing to grow
  • Self-disciplined
  • Possessing a teachable spirit
  • Ability to receive feedback from the congregation without taking personal offense
  • Familiarity with best practices and components of traditional and contemporary worship
  • Ability to assess the value of particular traditional and contemporary worship songs and practices and utilize them appropriately in worship experiences


How to apply :

Dear potential applicant, 

We are delighted that you are considering applying for the Director of Worship position at Salem United Brethren Church in Chambersburg, PA ( 

Please read the following position description and if it seems like a role you are qualified for and are interested in applying for, email a cover letter and resume (PDF format preferred) to me ( by March 9, 2020. 

Thank you and God bless! 


Pastor Jason Bakker

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