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Posted in on February 5, 2019

St. John's Church and School

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Job Description: Director of Worship


About St. John’s


St. John’s Denver is one church in two locations (Wash Park and Highlands).  We are currently looking for a Worship Director for our Wash Park Campus, who can bring us vibrant, substantive worship and is all-in when it comes to the mission making disciples.  Our campus is located right across the street from Wash Park.  Here is a description of Wash Park from Wikipedia:  “Washington Park is a neighborhood and public urban park in Denver, Colorado. The Washington Park located in Denver, Colorado, United States is a blend of historic and contemporary styles of architecture. Its historic buildings, lakes, tennis courts, lawns, large flower gardens, and recreation center provide various experiences for visitors….The park is very popular both as a tourist destination and among Denver locals, with some comparing it to New York City‘s Central Park.[2] Apart from activities like jogging, walking or biking, the park serves as a center for social activities and encourages community involvement. Due to its welcoming appearance and unique characteristics, the Washington Park was designated as one of the “Great Public Spaces in America” by the American Planning Association in the year 2012.”[3]



Denver is a beautiful city that is sunny, with gorgeous views of the Rocky Mountains.  It has a lot to do in terms of city life as well as being close to the foothills and mountains for biking, walking, skiing, and other outdoor activities.

St. John’s ministry includes an Early Learning Center and Kindergarten through 8th grade school.  Full time staff receive free child care, 50% off tuition in their first year, 75% off in their second year, and free tuition for all children their third year for grades preschool through 8th grade.  Before Care and After Care is available before and after school for free in the first year.

St. John’s is very connected in the community and allows for its building to be used by organizations such as Avid 4 Adventure and other non-profit organizations. This provides for a lot of relationship opportunities for our staff.

St. John’s is a Church that believes in the authority of Scripture and is very mission minded.  We believe strongly in the supremacy of Jesus Christ as the source of life and forgiveness for all.  We value making disciples in relational environments.  We are blessed to have godly, qualified men who serve as Elders who govern our church.  We are also blessed to have a unified staff that is joyful and gets along well!

If you are interested or know someone that is: please contact Wash Park Campus Pastor Andrew Farhat at 541-315-1021 or submit a resume to



About the Job


Note: In years, past the Worship Director was able to fulfill Music and Sunday responsibilities in around 20 hours/week.  We are hoping for a Worship Director that has one other skill and can manage one of the following areas of ministry (his or her choice): 1) Small Group Ministry focused on Discipleship 2) Website Editing (we currently use Joomla) 3) Video Outreach for both our campuses and our school.  Our Small Group Ministry is up and running and just needs some new blood. This job description represents our Small Group Ministry (Discipleship focus). 


Responsible to: Campus Pastor


Supervises: Modern Worship Service, Sunday Teams, and Life Group Leaders


Type of Position: Full Time


Spiritual Gifts/Talents and Qualities: Music, Entrepreneurial, Ambitious, Passionate about Mission, and Discipleship


Objectives: The Director of Worship and Discipleship makes sure we have a quality worship experience, Sunday teams, and provides training for Life Group Leaders.





  • Believes and commits to the Scriptures as the foundation for everything we believe and practice.
  • Commits to a life of prayer and Scripture reading, and being an example of what it looks like to follow Jesus.
  • Leads a Life Group.
  • Can embrace Real Life Discipleship by Jim Putman and Joining Jesus on His Mission by Greg Finke. Our discipleship ministry is already established. It just needs a strong leader.




  • Is passionate about the mission of St. John’s: connecting people to Jesus.
  • Loves music that is vibrant, inspiring, timeless, and lyrics that have depth and meaning.
  • Appreciates variety in worship and singing new songs.





  • Excellent, tasteful, musicianship.
  • Experienced band leader who organizes team members and communicates clearly.
  • Familiarity with worship, audio, visual, and lighting technology.


Music Responsibilities


  • Leads practices and prepares the team for quality Sunday worship at our modern service.
  • Values finding new songs for worship so that there is variety.
  • Values working with the Campus Pastor to set vision for song selection that best fits the Campus.
  • Values vibrant worship and is willing to use a track to ensure good tempo if needed.
  • Values raising up and training musicians. Values searching for musicians in the church, and within the broader St. John’s community.
  • Oversees Staff (including evaluation and hiring): Organist, Tech Director, Worship Coordinator.
  • Maintains office hours per the employee agreement, and participates in Core Staff and All-Staff meetings and events.
  • Values working with the campus pastor for accountability, support, and encouragement.



Sunday Experience Responsibilities


  • Responsible for the training (if needed) and quality of our Sunday Teams. The Sunday Teams are: Greeters, Ushers, Altar Guild, Sound, Screens, Communion, Service Assistants, Readers, and Safety.  Note: Some teams need more training then others.  For example, greeters typically need training. Altar Guild and Safety do not need any.
  • Oversee the quality of the welcome center.
  • Makes sure the cry room is done tastefully and thoughtfully working with our School music director (who uses the space during the week) and makes sure there is someone to set it up.
  • Makes sure there is streaming of service in cry room, and lobby, and community room.
  • Is responsible for helping to coordinate events in Worship Center such as Advent by Candlelight, and School Music Events.
  • Has knowledge of what makes a quality sound experience and can recommend upgrades to our Tech Director.
  • Is willing to evaluate the quality of our online videos with the Tech Director.
  • Is responsible for their own annual worship and equipment budget.
  • Makes sure that our “Stage” backdrop looks appealing for the sermon series and time of year.
  • Values the aesthetic appeal of the Worship Center and can make suggestions and improvements when needed.



Discipleship Responsibilities


  • Leads a Life Group that is a model of discipleship and mission that shows that reproduction is possible.
  • If gifted at it: Creates study guide for both campuses that go along with sermon series and advertises the study guide to life group leaders in advance.
  • Meets with pastoral staff when they are discussing future sermon series.
  • Screens potential Life Group leaders
  • Trains new and existing Life Group Leaders
  • Visits Life Groups
  • Connects interested people to Life Groups and Promotes Life Groups in the congregation
  • Committed to more neighborhood Life Groups that meet in homes throughout the region and not only on-campus.
  • Is responsible for a Life Group Zone Map that seeks to do outreach and inreach.
  • Responsible for developing a leadership development process in the church. Resources are available if he/she needs help with this.
  • Is a campus presence that sees the campus and school as one of his mission “neighborhoods.”
  • Helps us maintain a vision of “simple church.” Raises caution when new ministries, events are proposed that do not fit with our Life Group vision.


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Email Pastor Andrew Farhat at

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